ION Premium Dual Band IR Repeater Kit • IRS-DB4

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ION Premium Dual Band IR Repeater Kit • IRS-DB4

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The ION Premium Infrared Repeater kit comes with a powered repeater block with 12V input, IR Target input and six (6) emitter output jacks.  The standard kit comes with two dual IR emitters which allow you to control up to four components.  Four (4) more single or dual emitters can be connected providing you control of up to 12 devices.  The stylish IR Target is LCD, Plasma and CFL friendly which allows IR signals to be transmitted in areas with compact fluorescent lighting and the IR Receiver target has been tested to work with 65″ plasma TVs and 80″ Sharp LED TVs.

Unlike other single band IR Emitter Extenders – The ION Premium Infrared Repeater Kit –  WILL WORK with Telus TV.

The IR-Target contains a blue LED which flashes providing user feedback when signals are received and the connecting block also has LED status indicators.

Sony 60″ LCD w/Ion Premium IR Target

Premium IR-Repeater, IR Target Close Up






Receive Frequency Range: 34 KHZ to 60KHZ
Transmit Frequencies: 38 KHZ & 56KHZ
Receive Range: 8 Meter
Emitter Range: 5-10CM
Power: 12VDC,30mA MAX.
Dimensions Approx:
(IR Receiver): 31(L)×17(W)×13(H)mm
(IR Emitters): 13(L)×8(W)×5.5(H)mm
(IR Connecting Block): 90(L)×55(W)×26(H)mm
Cord Length
(IR Receiver): 2.9 Meter
(IR Emitters): 3 Meter
Connector Type: 3.5mm mini plug

For More Information click the link to read the review on:   TechTipsandToys Blog


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