Exercise Room TV with Sonos Playbar

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When Gary and Christine moved into their new home they wanted a TV mounted in the centre of their exercise room they wanted a TV mounted above their Suntan Bed which could swivel a full 180° degrees so they could watch it while running on the treadmill, working out on the Universal Gym or view the TV while sitting in the Sauna. 

Mounting the TV was the first challenge but Gary’s  second request was also complicated.  “I don’t want speakers in the ceiling”  Gary told Doyle from Ion Smart Security.  “I want a soundbar on the TV with the ability to focus and concentrate sound in the direction the TV is pointed”  “Lastly I want the wiring to be clean”

IMG_6420With years of commercial audio and video experience Doyle decided the best way to meet the clients design criteria was to mount the TV in the exercise room using a ceiling mount rather than a full motion wall mounts.  “Wall mounts only allow about 130° degrees of motion so they wouldn’t work for this application”. The ceiling mount needed to be modified to work with the tight confines of the space above the ceiling tile.  “In commercial applications we usually have a lot more space above the ceiling to work with but in this case we had less than nine inches above the ceiling tile and to make matters worse we had to work around heating vents and water pipes.” 

IMG_6436After figuring out how to mount the TV the next step was a method to mount the Sonos Playbar.  Doyle modified a traditional Sonos wall mount to work with a special Soundbar bracket.  The modified soundbar mount attached to the back of the TV and mounted the Sonos Playbar tightly and securely to the bottom of the TV.  In addition to the Sonos Playbar a Sons Sub was placed in the corner of the gym and paired to with the Sonos Playbar.  With the speakers installed the next step was to Tune the Room with Sonos’ “TruePlay” Speaker Calibration.  Once the calibration was complete the system sounded phenomenal.  The sound was crisp and clean with super tight bass … not a easy feat in a room filled with potential echo’s and standing waves. 

IMG_6426With the TV mounted, the Playbar installed Doyle Turned his attention to wiring up the Shaw cable box and cleaning up the wiring.  The Shaw cable box was mounted behind the TV hidden from view but still in remote control range.  The power and video cables were covered with split loom tubing and neatly wrapped to provide a clean look from all angles.

With the install complete it was time for Gary and Chris to give the new TV and Playbar a workout.  With Gary on the weights and Chris running on the treadmill the volume from the Sonos Playbar was not only loud enough to overcome the ambient noise in the room but sounded fantastic.  After their workout it was time to hit the sauna.  The TV was able to turn enough to allow a “Straight On View” while sitting in the sauna and the direction sound of the Sonos Playbar mounted below the TV was terrific.  “Overall we’re very happy with the install Doyle did … I’m a pretty handy guy but this is something I couldn’t have done myself”.

If you would like more information on TV Mounting, Sonos, Security Systems and Home Automation give call (780) 489-5522 or https://www.ionsecuritysystems.com

Lutron Smart Connected Lighting Solves Problems

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When building a new home or renovating and existing home sometimes the location of the light switches doesn’t work well or efficiently and changes need to be made.  Moving hard wired light switches can be costly but sometimes using wireless Smart Light Switches like Lutron’s Caseta and Radio Ra can solve the problems economically without the expense of ripping open walls and costly re-wiring.

We recently met a home owner who wanted to automate their kitchen cabinet lights and outdoor lights along with adding a three way switch for the garage interior lights.

img_5152The kitchen lights were wired to a single gang double switch along with two other light switches into a 3 gang box.  The outside lights were wired as a traditional 3-way hardwire configuration and the garage lights were wired on a single gang on/off switch.  The home was brand new and the basement was finished so re-wiring the hard wired switches was not an option.

Doyle from Ion Security was hired and tasked with the plan of Automating the Kitchen and Exterior Lights and making the garage lights work on 3-way switch.  No additional wiring was to be added and all the all the new switches had to fit into the existing wall boxes.

img_5179Using Lutron Caseta Smart Light Switches along with an Ion Smart Home Control Panel, Doyle was able to configure the kitchen lighting to provide Smart Lighting Control to the kitchen under cabinet lights.  Some minor rewiring and the installation of a Lutron Caseta Smart Hub Pro, Light Module and Pico controller enabled the home owner to control the under cabinet lighting with the wall mounted switch in addition to having the lights automatically turn on and off on a schedule as well as be activated by a motion sensor through the Ion Smart Home Alarm System.

The next job was to automate the outside lights.  Once again replacing the existing 3-way switch with a Lutron Smart Switch and Pico allowed Doyle to integrate the outside lights into the alarm system and then automate them to work with schedules, rules and even turn on automatically if the security system is triggered.

The last problem to tackle was the installation of a 3-way switch to control the garage lighting where no 3-way switch or 3-way wiring existed.  Using a Lutron Caseta Smart Switch and 4 Button Pico Controller.  Ion was able to convert the existing single pole switch into a 3-way switch and thanks to the 4 button Pico controller both the outside lights (also a 3 way) and the inside garage lights were able to be controlled by a single 4 button switch inside a single gang junction box.

img_5162Once all the Lutron Smart Switches were installed they were PAIRED with the Alarm System and automation rules and schedules were set up to allow the home owner to automate their lights and save energy costs.

With the Ion Smart Home Alarm system the kitchen lights turn on automatically in the morning when the motion sensor is activated and then turn off automatically once the sun comes up.  The outside lights turn on at sunset and off at dusk and the Garage Lights and Kitchen lights automatically turn on when the home owner approaches the home or when the garage door is opened.  The Ion Smart Home Alarm panel knows when it is daylight or night and also knows when the home is occupied or empty and adjusts the lights and schedules to maximize energy savings. One additional feature of the integrated Smart Lighting is the ability for the Alarm System to Turn ON the lights in the event of a Fire or Burglar Alarm.

Smart Lighting and Home Automation can be complicated and confusing.  If you would like more information on affordable, hassle free Home Automation and Smart Lighting that just works, give Ion Security a call 780-489-5522.

West Edmonton • The Grange • Smart Home Installation

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hiller house

When Nick and Sheila Hiller moved into their new home the first thing they wanted to do was to get their flat screen TV installed and hooked up to keep their two little girls entertained while Nick and Sheila set up the furniture and unpacked.

While entertaining the children was important for Sheila the big concern was safety.  “In our old house we had a TV sitting on a stand which fell over when one of the kids pushed on the screen thinking it was like and iPad touchscreen.  Luckily the TV fell backward” Sheila remarked as she told the story, “had the TV fell forward who knows what would have happened.”

Nick and Sheila searched the web for TV installs in Edmonton and came across Ion Security and IntegrationIon was the logical choice for the Hiller’s since they also wanted to get a Security and Home Automation system installed and Ion was able to do both for them.

The TV install was pretty common,  the Hiller’s wanted their 42” inch Sony LCD TV mounted above the fireplace the only problem was the builder didn’t install power or cable outlets above the fireplace.  The nearest cable and power outlet was located on an adjacent wall about 11’ feet from where the TV would be installed.  Doyle Serink came out to the Hiller’s to do an onsite inspection and explained to Nick and Sheila the two options they had for installing the TV.

1.)  Concealed Wiring:  Everybody wants the wires to be hidden from view however in this case that meant cutting the drywall, running the wires up and horizontally inside the wall and then repairing, patching, taping and repainting the wall before the TV could be installed.  “Sometimes we can run and conceal wiring inside the wall fairly easily says Doyle, unfortunately when we have to run wiring horizontally it almost always requires some sort of drywall repair and painting”.

2.)  Surface Wiring with Wiring Duct:  The second option is to run the wires on the surface of the wall and conceal them with wiring duct.  The wiring duct is ran along side the moldings of the fireplace and parallel to the baseboards.  Surface wiring is not quite as nice as concealed wiring but it is a faster option and a lot cheaper.

When you’re moving into a new home the budget is always tight so the Hiller’s selected Option 2, Surface Wiring because they wanted the TV installed as soon as possible because of the kids.

After we determined which wiring method we were going to use the next question was were to put the high definition cablebox.  Once again Doyle gave Nick and Sheila two options.  “We can either install the cablebox behind the chair on the floor in the corner or hide it behind the TV out of view.  If you want the cablebox behind the TV we need to space the TV out from the wall a little to accommodate the size of the cablebox or if you want the TV mounted as close to the wall then the cablebox would have to go on the floor” Doyle explained.  “If you are going to see the side of the TV from a hallway or somewhere in the room I recommend mounting the TV as flat to the wall as possible, Doyle said,  In this case the TV will be mounted on the back wall of the room so installing the Telus TV box behind the TV will work good and look fine”.  “That’s great news, let’s do that said Sheila, I don’t really want the Telus TV box on the floor”.

Doyle went to work installing the wall mount, hanging the TV and running the cabling and wiring duct along the fireplace molding and baseboard.  The TV install took three hours after which Doyle began to install the Ion Smart Home Control Security System.

Telus TV Box tucked neatly behind

Security was the primary reason for installing the Ion Smart Home Control System but equally important was the monitoring and control of the Thermostat and the ability to remotely lock and unlock the front door and garage door.

Changing the locks or getting your locks rekeyed is often the first thing a new home owner does and Doyle explains that installing a new Ion Smart Home lock with keypad eliminates the need to call a locksmith and have your locks rekeyed, which can be expensive depending how many keys and locks you need changed.  Ion Smart Home locks do not require keys and the key codes can be changed, added or deleted as required.  Another benefit of Ion Smart Locks is the ability to remotely lock and unlock the door from your Ion Smart Phone App and to assign times to user codes so the lock code will only work during certain days and times.  All this sounds expensive but Ion Smart Door Locks start at only $155 dollars which is about what a locksmith charges to rekey a door lock and provide you with a couple keys.


After installing the new smart door locks the next thing to install was the Ion Smart Home garage door control.  Just like the smart door lock the Ion Smart home garage door control gives you the ability to open/close and monitoring your garage door from the Ion Smart Phone App.  When Doyle was telling the Hiller’s about the Ion Garage Door Controller, Nicks eyes lit up and a smile came to his face as he looked over at Sheila …. do you know how many times she second guesses herself “Did I Close the Garage Door” and then drives back home to check …. this app is Awesome!

With the Ion Smart Home Control System install almost finished the last step was to install the Ion Smart Home Thermostat. 

The Ion Smart home Thermostat costs about the same as a regular programmable thermostat and about have as much as a Nest thermostat yet it provides you internet control, energy saving smart scheduling and internet programming.  Doyle explains, “Because the thermostat connects to the Ion Smart Home Control Hub it uses all the alarm sensors in the home to know when you’re home and when you’re away and automatically adjusts the thermostat to your desired temperatures saving you money.  With natural gas prices increasing 18% in March 2014 the cost savings of the Ion Smart Thermostat can pay for itself in just a couple months.

Once the installation was complete Doyle assisted the Hiller’s in downloading the Ion Control App onto their phones and then provided them with an overview and instruction on how to use their new Smart Home system.  “I love the WOW expressions that comes over client’s faces when they can see the status of their Ion Smart home alarm system on their phone and can unlock, open and close doors and turn the thermostat up and down remotely.  There’s a coolness factor that is hard to describe until you experience it yourself says Doyle.  The Ion Smart Home System is cool but it’s also real security and home control that’s incredibly easy to use and at a price that surprises most of our clients.”

If need a TV installed or our like more information about the Ion Smart Home Control System give Doyle a call at Ion Security Systems 780-489-5522 or email info@ionsecuritysystems.com

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How to Float a Flat Panel TV in Front of a Mirror

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Glenora Before:after logoMounting a Flat Screen TV on a wall is fairly straightforward but how do you do it when there is a Crown Moulding and wall mounted Mirror in the way ….?   Simple call the guys at Ion Security and Integration.

Challenging TV installs are what we do say’s Doyle Serink with Ion Security.  We rarely get calls for the easy installs …. there’s always something in the way or some structural problem, that’s where we excel.  With more than 20 years experience and 3000 TV installs there’s not much we haven’t been asked to do.

The goal of this installation was to mount the 55” HDTV in front of the mirror and as close to the wall as possible without removing the Crown Moulding or Mirror.  Secondly the weight of the TV could not put pressure on the mirror for fear of cracking it.  Lastly the exterior wall of the building was concrete block with metal stud and drywall interior construction  …. no wooden studs here!

Glenora 10During his site visit Doyle took pictures and measurements of the existing wall and surrounding structure.  He located the metal studs and was able to confirm the the two metal studs would be within the boundaries of the TV mount but still you cannot hang a flat screen TV on metal studs along.

Back at the shop with his measurements in hand, Doyle began to design and fabricate a laminated wooden TV backing support which would bolt and glue to the wall above the Mirror and then overhand the Crown Moulding allowing the TV to mount and float in front of the mirror.  The wooded structure would be built and painted in house and then take to the location for final assembly.

Glenora 4Once the paint had dried it was off to the location for installation.  The drywall was cut open and wooden backing was placing inside the wall.  Care and attention was paid so that the vapor barrier would remain intact and special drywall anchors were used where the wooden backing was not accessible.  Construction glue was used between the layers of the TV backing to provide additional strength.

Glenora 1

The prefabricated mount support backing fit like a glove and straddled the crown moulding and floated in front of the mirror.  Once the backing was in place, a standard wall mounted TV bracket affixed to the laminated wooden support structure and the 55” LED HDTV was then lifted and mounted in place.

Glenora 8The weight of the TV was held by the support structure and the TV floated in front of the mirror with no weight being placed on the mirror itself.

The final touch to the installation was to mount a Shaw HD Cablebox behind the TV and tidy up all the cabling.

If you have a challenging TV installation give the guys at Ion Security & Integration a call (780) 489-5522 or email info@ionsecuritysystems.com.   When it comes to mounting TVs there isn’t much they can’t do.

BlackHawk Golf Club … Sonos & Golf a Perfect Fit

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When BlackHawk Golf Club approached Ion Security to do an AV upgrade to their Club house as part of their 10 year anniversary renovation it was clear that a conventional wired solution was not going to work and some out of the box thinking would be required.

SONOS_overviewYou usually don’t hear the word Sonos and commercial audio system in the same sentence.  Sonos is a popular streaming music system normally used for residential whole house applications but with a little outside the box thinking integrator Doyle Serink of Ion Security has successfully installed Sonos Music Systems in various commercial establishments from restaurants, offices, warehouses and now a golf course.

What I like most about Sonos says Doyle, is the simple, straightforward interface for our customers.  Often commercial AV systems can be complicated and difficult to use but with Sonos the customer just gets it and almost immediately knows how to operate the system with very little training.  Sonos systems are also extremely flexible allowing us to install music in places where a wired system would be impossible or very costly to install.


Old AV Equipment

Two different integration companies had previously installed the audio and video components at Blackhawk over the years.  The AV company that did the initial install provided a basic 70V audio system with paging and years later during an expansion reno a second AV company added some HDTVs to the lounge and mens locker room.  The existing system was a complete nightmare with many zones in the audio system not working properly and nobody on the staff really understanding how to work the system.

The main goals of the AV renovation was to get all zones of music working again and improve the outdoor microphone paging.  The audio system in the banquet room also needed to be improved but that would be a separate project.

The audio system for the Club House would be getting a complete facelift and five new Flat Screen HDTVs would also be added to the lounge.


Existing Wiring Mess

The TV and video side of the project was pretty straight forward however the audio system quickly became a challenge.  The main wiring for the AV system was centralized in the lounge however the Clubhouse was renovated and expanded a couple of times and there was no way to run wiring between some of the new and original portions of the building.  The ceilings  were drywall, vaulted in some areas and the roof lines between different sections of the building didn’t line up.  Going underground wasn’t an option either because the basement was a parking garage for the golf carts and only extended underneath a portion of the building and not the entire structure. There was no way we were going to get wiring to some parts of  the building.

In addition to the wiring challenges Doyle discovered that the existing audio system consisted of a mixture of 70 volt and 8 ohm speakers in various zones.  Normally large commercial sound systems are all 70 volt however at BlackHawk it appears the two previous AV companies really mixed things up.

Doyle and the Ion team went to work redesigning the AV system from the ground up.  In preparation for the new back bar millwork the existing AV equipment was removed and the current system was stripped down to the bare wiring.


New AV Equipment Rack with 8 Sonos Components double stacked on bottom

With the bare wiring exposed Doyle set out to design a new AV system which would take advantage of the existing Hardwired zones and then creatively use SONOS components to bring music wirelessly to the zones which couldn’t be hardwired.

12 Independent zones of audio were needed including the restaurant, lounge, banquet room, locker rooms, hallway, washroom, pro shop, patio deck, kitchen, outside tee box and driving range.  The restaurant speakers were 8 ohms allowing a Sonos Amp to be connected directly to them without modification however the remaining speaker zones were all 70 volt speakers.  Sonos components are normally not designed for commercial 70 volt installations so Doyle used 70 Volt output transformers to convert the Sonos Amps from 8 ohm to 70 Volt output and added Sonos Connects to the 70 Volt amplifiers in the hardwired zones.

Audio sources included two microphones, 1 from the proshop and 1 in the banquet room, two satellite audio feeds, a laptop and ipod feed for a total of six audio sources.  While some sources could be hardwired to the AV system others were located in different rooms or areas of the clubhouse and needed to be connected and streamed wirelessly.  Sonos Connect units were used to enable some source components to be  connected wirelessly back to the main AV system and other zones.

CIMG5337With the AV system fully installed the next step was to show the staff how to operate new system.  The old system was complicated and difficult to operate requiring staff to flip several source switches and adjust numerous volume controls for each zone of music.  The old system also limited all zones to only two sources of music.

The new Sonos hybrid system was controlled entirely by two dedicated Sonos handheld controllers.  The new system allowed users to select music or audio sources for each zone directly on the handheld controller and assign or group zones together to play the same music on all zones if desired.  The staff and ownership was delighted with the ease of use and touch screen control of the Sonos system …. no more flipping switches.

This was the first time we used a Sonos Amp with a microphone connected for paging commented Ion Integrator Doyle Serink.  I wasn’t sure if the Sonos amplifier had enough headroom to handle the dynamic range of a live microphone but surprisingly it did.  It was a little tricky to balance the Sonos Amp and microphone gain but once it was set the sound quality was excellent and there was no audible amplifier clipping.


While Sonos is primarily used in home audio applications there are many commercial projects where Sonos can be an ideal fit,  Sonos wireless architecture allows you to affordably install sound in rooms which otherwise may be cost prohibitive and with a little creative out of the box thinking Sonos can be a creative solution to many audio obstacles.

If you would like to know more about Sonos audio systems for your home or business or have a Sonos system which is not working properly and require assistance give Doyle at Ion Security a call 780-489-5522




Stony Plain Boston Pizza Renovation – Are You Ready for Some Hockey!

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Canadian’s are passionate about Hockey.  We design and decorate our kids rooms to look like locker rooms, we build backyard hockey rinks in the winter and even some homeowners build indoor ball hockey rinks in their basements.

When Stony Plain Boston Pizza decided to renovate their sports bar they too wanted the bar to resemble a hockey rink arena complete with a hanging score clock.

Doyle from Ion Security and Integration was asked to design TV cluster which would be hung from the center of the Sports Bar and resemble the an NHL Arena Score Clock.

Designing a TV cluster to look like a score clock represented some unique challenges for Ion Team.  First there was the issue of weight.  The roof joists were made of wood and the structure needed to be light enough for the roof joists to safely support the load.  The next problem was the reflections for the South Facing windows.  The flat panels chosen will need to minimize the reflections from the windows as much as possible.  The third challenge was to maximize the size of the TVs and make them as big as possible yet provide adequate clearance height.  Lastly was the High Definition programming source.

Doyle spent hours designing the score clock frame before the final draft design was ready. With the final conceptual design ready the next step was to make a wooden scale mockup to test the design and assembly.  The wooden mockup provided a better understanding of the construction requirements and revealed some potential assembly problems which were worked out prior to fabrication.  With a final “Tested” design ready for fabrication the next step was to decide on what size and brand of TVs would be used for the Score Clock.

The choices for TV sizes ranged from 47 inches all the way to 70.  The goal was to go as big as possible yet leave enough room for ample clearance.  After several calculations 55 inches was determined to be the ideal size to fit the design criteria however which Brand and Model of 55 inch TV was still undecided.

Doyle considered LG, Sony, Samsung and Toshiba 55” LED TVs.  LED TVs were selected to minimize the weight and thickness of the TV.  The next criteria for the TV was refresh rate.  Since it was a sports bar the LED TV had to have a native refresh rate of at least 240hz.  The last consideration for the TVs was cost.  The TV selected needed to fit within budget for the project.  With all the specifications and pricing factored in two TVs met the criteria … Samsung and Toshiba.  Both TVs were 55 inch, 1080P, LED TVs with 240Hz native refresh rates.

Doyle purchased one Samsung and Toshiba LED TV and tested them with various programming material side by side.  Comparing the TVs head on with the same programming material revealed some interesting results.  The Samsung 55 inch LED had slightly better contrast and color saturation but on the important tests the Toshiba surprisingly won hands down.

The bezel on the Toshiba was noticeably thinner and the weight of the Toshiba TV was also 20% lighter than the Samsung.  The LED Screen on the Toshiba exhibited less reflection than the Samsung.  The Samsung’s screen was almost glossy where as the Toshiba’s had a matte finish.  Because of the windows and neon lights minimizing reflections was important so two thumbs up for the Toshiba.  The last criteria was refresh rate.  Once again the Toshiba won this category showing no artifacting, motion blur or soap opera effect.  The Samsung had noticeable artifacating and a very pronounced soap opera effect making it disturbing to watch some programming.  After the side by side tests the Toshiba 55 inch LED TVs were selected to be the winner and chosen for the score clock TV cluster.

Once the TVs were picked out Doyle needed to calculate the total weight of the score clock and more importantly the bearing weight on each leg of the score clock.  The Toshiba TVs were much lighter than first thought and some modifications to the metal framing minimized the total weight of the structure  leaving a calculated bearing weight of only 77 pounds per leg.

With the score clock design and layout finalized and the TVs selected it was time to build the structure frame and bring it onsite for installation


The score clock structure was hung from the ceiling, levelled and then screwed in place.  Once the structure was mounted and secure, the four TVs were installed along with the electronics on the inside of the score clock cluster.  Shaw HDTV Direct To Unit cable boxes were choose for programming and remote IR repeaters were installed below the TVs to allow control of the hidden cable boxes.  After the TVs were installed and the wiring was complete, side panels and a bottom cover panel were installed to provide a Finished look to the score clock TV cluster.

The finished score clock was a Jaw Dropper and looks Awesome.  Both the staff and customers couldn’t believe the effect the score clock had on creating a real Hockey Arena feel to Stony Plain BPs Sport Bar.

“WOW who needs to go to Rexall Place, I’d rather come here and watch the game”  … commented Larry Miller

The Stony Plain Boston Pizza renovation took two weeks to complete including the lounge and restaurant.  The general contractor for the project was Apex Contracting from Sherwood Park and the AV Integrator was Ion Security and Integration from Edmonton.

If you are interested in HDTVs, innovative AV designs, Security, Video Surveillance or Automation for your home or business give Doyle at Ion Security a call 780-489-5522 …. you’ll be glad you did.

Floating TVs in a Window – South Hill Boston Pizza Installation

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Floating TVs

When South Hill Boston Pizza in Red Deer Alberta wanted to hang three Flat Screen TVs in the windows of their lounge Doyle with Ion Security and Integration was just the right person to call.  With more than 20 years experience hanging TVs, Doyle was up for the challenge but exactly how he was going to Float Three 55” LG LCD TVs in the Sports Bar Windows was a mystery.

The Boston Pizza in Red Deer was built in the 80’s and had undergone several renovations and expansions over the years.  The windows on the North Side of the lounge were from the original building design and consistent with the architecture of the time providing a sloped glass atrium feature wall in the lounge.  While the windows were great for letting natural light into the lounge and providing patrons a view of the outside they also left a Dead Spot or Zone in the bar with a wall more than 30 feet long with No TV screens to watch – just a view of the parking lot or window blinds when closed.

Prefabricated TV Mount Assembly – Ready for On-site Installation

The goal of the project was to fill this vast wall of windows and glass with at least three Flat Screen TVs but in doing so the owners didn’t want to block off the windows completely or cover them up.  Doyle’s first suggestion was to either take the windows out or leave them in and build a wall to hang the TV’s onto.  The owner’s didn’t want to remove or cover up the windows but instead simply wanted to hang the TVs in the middle of the Window Panes of Glass while concealing all wiring and cabling so it would appear that the images on the TV would be floating on the Glass Windows.

How to hang the TVs was one obstacle while hiding the HDTV cabling and electrical wiring would be another challenge.  Doyle and the guys at Ion came up with an ingenious plan to use strips of aluminum to strattle the window frames and regular flat panel wall mounts to enable the TV’s to be mounted in between the window frames while the brackets and framework would be hidden behind the TVs.  The aluminum would be thin enough to minimize the mounting thickness and strong enough to support the weight of three 55” LCD TVs.  The mounting bracket subframe would be prefab’d at Ion’s shop and then taken to the job site ready to mount.

In addition to the challenge of installing the TVs, hiding the cabling would also be a difficult task.  First the HDTV cabling needed to be ran inside a drywall covered steel support beam and then fished from one ceiling level to a lower level.  Once the cabling was through the steel beam and support post, the wiring had to be surface ran along the side of the aluminum window frame and then along the drip rail and then to the TVs.  In order to conceal the wiring ran on the surface of the window frame, Doyle used a plastic wire channel and painted it with special aluminum paint which turned out to be a perfect match to the aluminum window frames.

Cabling concealed inside of Drip Rail

Once the rough in wiring was in place the fun began.  The guys at Ion first mounted the pre-fab’d aluminum frame and flat panel TV mount assembly to the window frames using special self sealing sheet metal screws.  Leveling the entire assembly was fairly quick since all three brackets pre-leveled with a laser back at Ion’s shop so on-site installation time was kept to a minimum.

The final result was nothing less than Spectacular!  The TVs literally look like pictures floating on the Glass in between the window panes.  The wiring was neat and tidy and virtually invisible and the three new LG Flat Screens received high marks from the customers at BP’s Sports Bar.

At the beginning of the project Doyle said he was uncertain as to how the final installation would look … “This was the first time we’ve hung TV’s using this type of mounting method, I was apprehensive at the start but now after viewing the end result I’d definitely recommend it to other clients.  The new Floating TVs really add impact to the room and create a whole new look for the Bar”.

If you have a challenging installation and are looking for an integrator with 20+ years of experience who can think outside the box to mount your flat panel TVs, install structured wiring, AV wiring and network wiring as well as Alarm Systems and Security Cameras give Doyle at Ion Security and Integration  a call 780-789-5522 so send him and email Ion Security email Link

If your looking for a awesome Sports Bar in Red Deer to watch the game or just have some Great Food and a cool beer, drop into South Hill Boston Pizza  3215 Gaetz Avenue.

Costco TV Installation

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ion-tv-logo2Costco is a great place to buy a HDTV.  Not only do they have low prices on TVs but often they come with Free extended warranties.

One thing Costco doesn’t provide is a TV installation service but that shouldn’t stop you from purchasing a Costco TV just ask Malcolm and Sheila Pierce.

When Malcolm and Sheila purchased their new 55 inch Samsung TV and Surround Sound Stereo system from Costco they got a fantastic deal on the electronics but had trouble finding a fantastic price for installation.

Samsung TV & Stereo From Costco

Before calling Ion, I called Best Buy Geek Squad and Futureshop Connect Pro and was shocked to find out how much they wanted to install our TV and hook up the surround sound system. After getting over the price shock I did a Google Search and found Ion Security  in Edmonton and gave them a call.  I spoke with Doyle at Ion who didn’t quote me pricing over the phone but

Wall Mounting the TV with Hidden Cabling inside the wall

rather booked an appointment the next day, came down to our house and actually looked at where we wanted the TV and surround sound system installed.  Speaking with Doyle was very helpful and informative, he answered all our questions and explained to me how he would install the TV and surround sound speakers.  During the consultation Doyle

Wall Mounted Samsung Speakers with Concealed Wiring

pointed out that the HDMI cables we purchased at Costco would be too short and the TV bracket (also from Costco) would be awkward and time consuming to install.  Doyle provided pricing on the longer HDMI cables as well as a recommendation for the TV Mount.  After agreeing to a price we booked the installation and two days later Doyle came back to install our TV and surround sound system.

The installation took three (3) hours to complete, including mounting the LED TV and left, center and right channel front speakers.  The rear speakers were pedestal stand tower speakers.  Some of the speaker wire that came with the Samsung surround sound system was too short so where required Doyle provided new, longer speaker wire and neatly ran it underneath the baseboards hidden from view.  Once the TV and Samsung Surround Sound bluray player was installed, Doyle then programmed the TV and stereo inputs and connected our Telus TV box to the system.

Finished Installation, all wiring hidden for very clean look

We couldn’t be happier with the installation … the installation went smoothly and the end result was first class!  Before Doyle left, he gave my husband and I a run down on the system and clearly explained how everything worked .  Later that evening we received an email from Doyle summarizing our tutorial and giving us a written copy of the instructions we discussed.

We saved a bundle on the TV from Costco and likewise saved money on the installation too by hiring Ion Security rather than one of the big box store companies.  If you buy a TV or stereo from Costco and are looking for someone to install it for you, I highly recommend Doyle from Ion Security.

At First Glance …. Wall Mounting a Flat Screen TV seemed like a simple and easy job

Aug 25th, 2013No Comments

IMG_1911When Sarah Miller moved into her new condo she called her dad over to help her mount  her new Samsung 60” Flat Screen TV.  At first glance hanging the TV seemed like a simple and easy procedure but as Sarah and her father soon discovered mounting a TV on the wall can be a lot more complicated than originally thought.

The first problem Sarah’s dad discovered was there was no backing behind the drywall where the TV was to be hung.  To make matters worse, due to the stairway, the studs were not spaced on 16, 19 or 24 inch centers but rather spaced differently between each of the three studs he found.  Where the TV was to be located there was only a single stud for backing which was off center and certainly would not hold the weight of the TV by itself.

After determining the studs weren’t in the right place Sarah and her dad opened the TV mount box only to find out it required extensive assembly and and seemed rather large and way too deep.  Using this bracket to hang the ultra thin flat panel,  would result in the TV protruding more than more than 3 inches from the wall … This can’t be right?

So far things weren’t looking so good for mounting Sarah’s new TV when Mr. Miller discovered a third problem.  The builder had installed the electrical outlet on the wall approximately where the TV was going to be mounted and also installed a cable outlet at the same location.  This would be suitable in the 1960?s, 70?s and 80?s when a single coax simply plugged into the back of the TV.  In today’s hi tech world of HDTV, cable boxes, bluray players and game consoles several cables including HDMI and Component Video are required to be connected to the back of the TV not just a single coax cable plug.  Sarah had purchased a stereo equipment cabinet to sit below the TV and house her Telus TV box, bluray player, and X-Box and Wii game consoles.  The builder did not provide any junction boxes or wiring ducts to enable the HDTV wiring to be fished up the wall from behind the stereo cabinet to the back of the TV.  Three strikes you’re out thought Sarah and her dad … time to call a professional.

Sarah asked her friend Allison who installed her TV and she said Doyle from Ion Security and Integration.  Sarah liked the way Doyle had mounted Allison’s TV, all the wires were concealed in the wall and the cable management was neatly done so she gave Doyle a call and booked an installation.

Steps to mount the TV:

The first step to mounting a TV is to determine the location where the TV is to be hung and then obtain the measurements of the TV and bracket to determine where on the wall the TV bracket needs to be located.

After looking at the TV mount the big box retailer sold Sarah with her TV purchase, Doyle pointed out the problems with the TV mount, especially the large distance from the wall the TV would protrude and suggested to Sarah to return the TV bracket back to the store for a refund and Doyle would provide a better, thinner more attractive ION TV mount for essentially the same cost.

Doyle marked out the locations of the studs on the wall, or in this case lack of studs or backing.  Without studs to screw the TV onto,  special drywall anchors are used to mount the bracket to the wall securely.  Doyle laid out the markings for the TV mount and screw holes but before attaching the bracket to the wall he first had to deal with the problem with the cable outlet and the need to move it closer to the baseboard.

Doyle removed the existing cable outlet cover and drilled and installed a new cable outlet box directly below the one provided by the builder.  Because the cable was coming from the basement it was easy to re-route the cable to the new outlet location and then cap off the old outlet.

With the new cable outlet installed and tested it was time to mount the TV bracket to the wall.  Once the TV wall mount was in place the next step was to cut out and install junction boxes to provide in wall access for 2 HDMI Cables, 1 Component Video Cable, and 1 Audio Cable.  These cables are necessary to connect the new cable box, bluray player and gaming console to the wall mounted flat screen.

Once all the cables were fished up through the wall Doyle placed the 60 inch Samsung TV onto the newly installed wall mount and connected and neatly organized all the wires.

With the TV mounted the next step was to connect all the equipment and components, then program the TV and calibrate the color.

Most TVs right out of the box have the brightness, contrast and color settings way too high.  While this looks good in the store, once you get the TV home and set it up the over saturation of color and high contrast result in a picture that looks artificial and anything but normal.  Doyle uses a special color calibrator measuring tool and program to adjust the TV picture to obtain the highest resolution and clarity with vivid detail and true lifelike color.

The end result was another successful TV installation.  Sarah’s dad showed up just as Doyle was leaving, we’ll what do you think Mr. Miller? asked Doyle.  Looks good he replied, looking over the TV from each side and then behind the stereo cabinet, you did a much nicer job then we would have been able to do, I like how you concealed all the cables,  it’s very clean and neat.

If you need a flat panel LED, LCD or Plasma TV installed give Doyle a call at Ion Security and Integration780-489-5522 or email info@ionsecuritysystems.com

Click on an image below to view the slide show to see all the steps required to wall mount the 60 inch HDTV with concealed wiring.

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